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Helping to Build Bioindustrial Manufacturing in California’s Northern San Joaquin Valley

As part of a newly established collaborative, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) will co-lead an effort to establish a bioindustrial manufacturing capability in California’s Northern San Joaquin Valley.

Circular Bioeconomy Innovation Collaborative (CBIO Collaborative), also led by UC Merced and BEAM Circular, was awarded $1 million from the U.S. National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Regional Innovation Engines program. The program aims to help partners collaborate on economic, societal, and technological opportunities for their regions.

The award will enable CBIO Collaborative to develop actionable and strategic plans to create an innovation campus and ecosystem in the Northern San Joaquin Valley centered on biomanufacturing, which harnesses biology’s natural systems to create sustainable products, materials, and fuels from renewable materials.

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