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Need Approval to Attend WESTEC?

You’ll make your supervisor look like a hero because superior employees know how to use resources wisely. Managers and supervisors who send their employees to industry events consistently find their team is more motivated, more up to date on technology and trends, and more focused on reaching, and exceeding, their company goals.

WESTEC is an event focused on exploring the latest manufacturing technologies and keeping your operations up-to-date and competitive. At WESTEC you can:

  • Tour the show floor to find suppliers and solutions that drive innovation
  • Meet with technology experts to discuss your production challenges
  • Attend numerous educational offerings to stay current on the latest trends and processes
  • Network with industry peers that can help inform your decisions

Regardless of your specific industry, WESTEC 2023 is the place to be for west coast manufacturers. It’s where you’ll connect face-to-face with suppliers who create the technology you need—and sometimes don’t know you need, until you see it. It’s where you’ll meet the next generation of manufacturers and learn more in a day than you could in a year at more than a dozen educational and networking events.

If you need senior management’s approval to spend on travel and training, it’s worth your time to develop a proposal so you can experience WESTEC in Long Beach, November 7 - 9, 2023.

Sample Letter to Justify Your Visit to WESTEC

Long Beach, CA | November 7 - 9, 2023

Dear Insert the Name of Your Manager or Supervisor:

I would like to attend WESTEC in Long Beach, CA, November 7 - 9, 2023. WESTEC brings the creators of advanced manufacturing technologies together in a collaborative environment that includes hands-on demonstrations of the latest manufacturing solutions, numerous educational sessions on the show floor and several networking opportunities.

The top technologies featured at the show include:

  • 3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing
  • CNC Controls & Accessories
  • Tooling
  • Cutting Tools & Accessories
  • Machining Centers
  • Milling
  • Measurement Inspection & Test
  • Automated Manufacturing & Assembly
  • Controls, CAD/CAM Software
  • Grinding Machines

At a time where we are focused on staying strong, building our business, optimizing our equipment, and being poised for future opportunity, I think it’s vital to learn about the latest manufacturing technologies and how other companies have implemented them successfully. Attending WESTEC will help us explore new equipment, software and services so we can outpace our competition. Here are three initiatives where we could benefit:

  • [add project or initiative]
  • [add project or initiative]
  • [add project or initiative]

My goal is to return with new knowledge that can serve us for years to come. When we face an engineering challenge, something I discovered or someone I met at WESTEC will be at the top of my mind.

I intend to create a time-efficient plan for my visit using the event’s planning app. I can also give exhibitors my contact information, so we can start a dialogue in advance of the event. I’ll be able to email you a show floor map, so we can make certain we are on the same page about what I need to see and learn at the show.

By attending the WESTEC, I will:

  • Learn about cutting-edge technologies and processes
  • Identify real-world applications that are working for manufacturers today
  • Ensure our company is up to speed on how the manufacturing technologies can improve efficiencies, save time and lower costs
  • Gain connections to call upon when troubleshooting and planning new products

The event offers discounted hotel rooms and airfare rates for my travel. I think you’ll agree that this is a small investment when we consider the value I can bring back. Thank you for considering this request. I look forward to your reply.

Your Signature