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Nevada in Position to Make Most of Boom in Manufacturing

Las Vegas is at the forefront of a nationwide manufacturing “resurgence,” a new study shows.

The Las Vegas, Henderson and Paradise region was the fastest-growing manufacturing center among large cities since 2018, according to a recent report by Zetwerk, a global manufacturing firm. The study, which looked at manufacturing across the U.S., also noted that Nevada has seen the greatest increase in manufacturing employment since 2018.

“The growth of the manufacturing industry is particularly significant because it signifies economic vitality and job creation,” Anirudh Reddy, business head of Zetwerk-North America, said in an email. “Manufacturing jobs often provide higher wages compared to other sectors, contributing to increased prosperity for individuals and communities. Additionally, a thriving manufacturing sector boosts overall economic productivity and competitiveness on both a state and national level.”

Though the report shows that California and Texas are the overall leading states for manufacturing in the U.S., Reddy said Nevada “stood out” for manufacturing employment growth, with a substantial amount of the latter taking place in the Las Vegas area, specifically.

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