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Top Reasons to Exhibit at an Advanced Manufacturing Expo

Advanced manufacturing expos attract industry leaders, knowledgeable experts, and top-tier manufacturing technology vendors. These trade shows are a great resource for industrial companies and an asset to the industrial sector, as they’re focused on continued advancement of the manufacturing industry.

Manufacturers looking to stay up-to-date with industry trends and get an edge on their competition should look into exhibiting at an advanced manufacturing expo. Exhibitors at these events have the chance to connect with hundreds of manufacturing professionals who are actively sourcing smart solutions and are prepared to purchase. Discover the top reasons to exhibit at an advanced manufacturing expo. 

Company Promotion

Exhibiting at a manufacturing show can really help small and medium sized manufacturing technology companies increase their business’s recognition. Dozens of manufacturing companies and hundreds of industry professionals attend advanced manufacturing expos. This is a chance for lesser-known manufacturing companies to get their brand in front of all these attendees.

Plus, these events often have speaking opportunities and knowledge sessions for manufacturing professionals. Aside from just having a booth, exhibitors can try to participate on a panel or apply for a variety of speaking engagements. This helps promote their business and also positions the company as a thought leader in the industry.

Qualified Sales Leads

As an advanced manufacturing expo exhibitor, companies can receive a pipeline of new qualified sales leads. The industry professionals and businesses that exhibitors connect with at trade shows are actively looking for solutions and are usually ready to make a buying decision.

Being an exhibitor puts manufacturing companies in front of these buyers, ensuring they’re in the right place at the right time to close sales deals. Even if every sales opportunity is not completed during the event, exhibitors now have contact information for multiple new qualified leads and are able to follow-up and complete sales based on connections made during the advanced manufacturing expo.

New Business Relationships

In addition to hosting manufacturing companies and professionals, advanced manufacturing expos also often have multiple manufacturing organizations in attendance. These are usually institutes or non-profits that work with the manufacturing industry.

Building relationships with these organizations gives exhibitors access to a larger manufacturing community and increases their business reach. Manufacturers can leverage these connections for business and networking opportunities that will help their company grow and prepare them for shifting manufacturing trends.

A Manufacturing Technology Show by the Numbers

Interested in learning more about exhibiting at an advanced manufacturing expo? Check out exhibiting opportunities at WESTEC, a manufacturing technology show that takes place every two years in Long Beach, California. WESTEC has always attracted qualified buyers with significant manufacturing technology and equipment budgets, with 36% having budgets that exceed $200K.  

Exhibiting at WESTEC gives manufacturers the opportunity to connect with hundreds or even thousands of potential clients. 73% of WESTEC attendees have a say in purchase decisions, and 33% are either business owners, executives, or managers. Inquire about exhibiting today.