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Attend a Manufacturing Trade Show in California

A resurgence in the manufacturing industry is taking place in the United States — making it an ideal time to attend a manufacturing trade show. With all the changes in the industry over the last few years, and new manufacturing plants opening in many states, an industry show is a great opportunity to meet industry professionals and learn about all the recent developments in manufacturing.

California manufacturing in particular is going through a lot of transformation due to the state’s focus on electric vehicles and renewable energy. The recent announcement that California will ban new gasoline-powered car sales after 2035 is sure to accelerate the state’s focus on building out an electric vehicle charging network, and increase investment in electric vehicle materials such as the lithium needed for EV batteries.

As the California manufacturing industry continues to grow, attending a manufacturing trade show can help you keep up with trends.

California Manufacturing

California is actually the largest contributor to U.S. manufacturing, leading the nation in both manufacturing employment and output of manufactured products. The state makes up 14.5% of the nation’s manufacturing output — a clear indicator of how vital California’s manufacturing industry is.

Additionally, California has a strong presence in a lot of growing manufacturing industries, accounting for around 16% of aerospace manufacturing jobs in the U.S. plus 28% of IT and analytical product manufacturing jobs. These advanced industries are helping California maintain its status as a national leader in manufacturing.

Why Attend a Manufacturing Trade Show?

As the leading manufacturing producer in the U.S., California is an ideal location for breeding innovation within the industry. And you can be at the forefront of it all when you attend a manufacturing trade show in the Golden State.

Manufacturing shows allow attendees to network with other professionals, connect with new suppliers, and learn from industry experts and leaders. Attending one will help you strengthen industry relationships and keep up with California manufacturing trends. Additionally, going to a manufacturing trade show is beneficial to your career, as well as being a great way to build new client and supplier relationships for your company.

One manufacturing trade show that’s a can’t-miss in California is WESTEC. Attend WESTEC to meet with regional manufacturers and learn all about the future of California manufacturing.